About Us

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Guatemala City, Bonito Ramen is a culinary gem that has been delighting the palates of diners with its authentic Japanese-style ramen since 2019.

Founded by the Chef Sergio Kozina and the innovative Loren Giordano, this establishment is a testament to the seamless fusion of passion, tradition, and culinary innovation.


Both Loren and Sergio, affectionately known as "Cacho," honed their culinary skills in Yokohama 🖤, Japan, and traversed the entire country to experience the myriad of ramen varieties, each with its unique flavor profile and preparation technique.

Loren and Cacho at the Ramen Shop

Every element of the ramen-making process is meticulously Japanese, from the brewing of the broth to the crafting of the toppings. The noodles, the soul of the dish, are made in-house, ensuring a fresh and unique experience with every bite. The ambiance intertwines the cozy and the sophisticated, creating a refuge for both the discerning food lover and the casual diner.

At Bonito Ramen, every slurp is a journey through a rich tapestry of flavors, a celebration of the culinary craftsmanship and devotion infused by its creators. Whether you are a ramen enthusiast or a newcomer to this culinary art, a visit to Bonito Ramen guarantees a memorable gastronomic adventure.